I've been seeing State of Jefferson signs in the Sacramento area recently.

That's a number from the link about contract liabilities and healthcare costs which uses Census data, so my credibility doesn't exactly have anything to do with it, maybe read the source, read the actual census data which has a nice big fat 0 for state expenditures on Fire or, for that matter.

Most major fires in the state that aren't fires in cities (arson is a thing) happen near those cities or in the interior of the state, particularly in the southern portions, source: CalFire's fire maps for you so, even were you correct about the funding structure of CalFire, which the data says you aren't, you'd still be wrong about where the fires are happening and that's even if you accept the inaccurate fact that most fires in California are rural not urban.

Also as a final aside: the bay bridge east span project alone cost $6.4 billion (~$1.6 million a day over 11 years which would be one expensive road) and that was before they accounted for still having to pay for the issues with the shoddy work done from the contractor. The work still isn't done. It was also 5-6 times the estimated cost over 150% the estimated time going into the project and costed more than every other bridge retrofit in the state combined for the entirety of the project. I won't bother sourcing this last one because there aren't many good sources on spending by highway but, for your Chester-Susanville example the closest number I could find was they had 1 $10 million project (work on a bridge) in the year 2012 and not much else between 1930 and then or since, by comparison that's <10 days of work on the east span alone. Also, California has shit roads.

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