I've lost the average American male in weight! Highest weight 527 lbs in August 2020. 327 lbs today!

Not OP but in a similar situation.

I'm a bigger guy myself, but not to this extent. I've read many times that people who get to 500 or more that it's usually a trauma or from some other serious issues. I've been up to probably 450 and I can say yeah I was overweight as a young child. My dad always made us finish our plates and he was a big guy himself (not as big as I got at any point) but it starts early. I've struggled with weight my entire life and I developed sugar addiction and just food addiction in general. I felt best after the shit food I ate.

Your cravings come from your stomach bacteria and once you stop eating carbs then you don't feel those cravings anymore. That was the key for me. My whole life I loved soda and always craved a nice cold coke when I was tired. Since I stopped soda, I no longer crave it. This was key to me starting to lose weight. I cut out essentially all carbs and I stopped thinking about the junk I used to think about all the time.

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