Jeremie Boga freekick for Chelsea U21's

You are being daft and showig you know fuck all about what you are talking about, exactly opposite to what you wanted to portray.

To become a regular you need to earn a spot in the top 11 or the top 15 at least. There aren't many players in the world in pretty much all youth sides of any club that can break into the Chelsea squad. Heck the 95% of the top players in their prime right now can't earn a spot either. And you expect 1 academy of 1 country with fuck all talent coming through in the country overall or breaking out these days to produce a player of the calibre that can EARN a place in such a squad at a young age? Are you trolling or seriously this daft?

I see shite like your comment posted everytime this discussion comes up then an Arsenal fan comes in bragging about the likes of Wilshere and what not. Do you think any of these players are good enough to earn a spot in the Chelsea team right now? Even the lord and savior Wilshere would get the boot at Chelsea. He'd be a liability compared to the rest of the squad.

The problem isn't that Chelsea can't come up with good talents the problem is that Chelsea's squad is far more difficult to crack than the other clubs. A lot of our youth players are currently playing in Premiership clubs, even top clubs but to this day they wont be starting in the Chelsea squad.

So in other words if Borini came through Liverpool's youth academy he'd currently be enjoying life at Liverpool and they would be hailed as academy maestros and Chelsea slated as always. Can Borini get on the bench for Chelaea today? No.

To sum up my point if Chelsea were as shite as Liverpool or Arsenal or had as low of standards to please the media they would already have one of the best academies in the country by allowing these talents to play with them with the cost of downgrading the squad a little bit in every department.

At the end of the day thats the difference why Chelsea are top of the league. Its because they do not compromise a little bit in every department.

If one of these players will be good enough they will play, if not then that doesn't automatically mean Chelsea's academy is worse than other clubs. A lot of these players will go on to have great careers, just because its not with Chelsea doesn't mean the academy is a failure.

A lot of these players can already find spots in clubs lile Arsenal and Liverpool if they were in their academy which proves my point.

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