Mars Hydro LED panel question

So when you disagree with a MOD on here they threaten to remove you? Isn't that a little bit childish?

Anyway. GroBlu may have "R&D" that designs their products, but so do other companies. AdvancedLED has a Botanist on staff for example. Icemud seems to like their products as well, and his current grow seems to be dominating his old Groblu grows, but he also doesn't like PlatinumLED.

In terms of tossing a sticker on "Chinese crap". I would like you to quantify your claims. The LED lights you have look just like Chinese crap with stickers slapped on them. Does that mean they are? or do they use a design from China with custom internals, just like ALL OTHER LED manufactures do.

You can find the factories that produce the lights easy enough, and the platforms they use. Like the Groblu platform - - Found there.

I am not saying Groblu doesn't do R&D, but they don't hand build their own lights. Nobody does. They are all made in China, to specifications set by the company.

This is what PlatinumLED does for their drivers and spectrum. I mean, you can see photos of the spectrum PlatinumLED uses and compare the images of Lush or any other company using the same platform. They are all different. Very different. They are also different from the no name chinese LED lights you find put out by the factories themselves. E-shine for example is the factory that makes PlatinumLED lights. They sell the platform, but it uses less powerful LED's, different drivers and a different spectrum. Which the information is fully available online to check out. Just google it.

Now to get back to what you started the disagreement with me about. I apologize fro not paying attention to what you originally said. Which was

Obviously 99w not going to stand up against 400w for footprint and overall growth potential.

This is correct. I thought you were disagreeing in general, which would be incorrect. What you say is right, in a larger space and overall veg potential a 400MH would be superior. I would simply stating in my circumstance. So my apologies for the disagreement.

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