Joe Rogan Experience #1517 - Nancy Panza

Universities are hivemind and the research you do has to be funded so they shill out for what will get funding. Implicit bias is something that's gonna get you funding rn so I can easily see someone saying "implicit bias is the real thing, not this other stuff that's been disproven" and then running with it.

The truth is that cops treat you based on the situation and how you present yourself. The dude in a suit driving a Benz isnt gonna get the same treatment a the guy pulled over with a warrant and a record. It doesnt matter if one is black or both are.

The other thing people are fucking up is just pure stats. People think the amount of unarmed black people killed should should be representative of the total population and that's a garbage assumption. Take a look at the rates of violent crimes then look at that number. But even then, any given year doesnt matter because of how unique the events that lead to it are.

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