JPP signed

The details of the contract are still sketchy, but given the rumors that it is cap-friendly, and given the specific details that have been released, we can estimate the structure:

  • 4 years, $62M total. $40M guaranteed.
  • Bonus: $20M
  • 2017: $7M (probably all guaranteed)
  • 2018: $7M (probably all guaranteed)
  • 2019: $15.5M (partially guaranteed)
  • 2020: $12.5M

There's lots of wiggle room in my estimates here, and they're based upon oblique references made in Rapoport's tweet, along with some qualitative stuff from /u/hillking3 . In 8 hours we'll probably have the exact structure but this deal I've laid out is quantitatively compatible with the information we have right now. Maybe it's $6M this year and $8M in 2018, or some shuffling like that, but this is how you get to:

"He earns $34M within 11 mos & $49.5M over the 1st 3 yrs"

He's got to have $14M total in salary in 2017 and 18. And he's got to have a salary of exactly $12.5M in 2020.

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