Korra & Asami, As Lovers

Awesome feedback and again, great to see others have their unique thoughts on the girls we love to love. :)

Almost everything you've said I can basically agree on, despite my spinning it a different way, but one thing does stand out:

Main reason I disagree here is that we see very early on that Asami is a very affectionate person. When she's dating Mako, she is snuggling up to him constantly, public displays of affection, etc. She has a very strong need to give and receive affection. It's a subtle balance of things that plays out here (the drive to fix, overcome, the intensity of her feelings for Korra, her inherent need to want close intimate connections with others, etc.)

I have an urge to argue against this simply because it resonates so well with me. Public displays of affection are not the same as intimacy, in fact they can be the opposite. The feelings you wish you could display in intimate moments, but can't, come out in less intimate, public moments instead, because it's easier, and safer. It's a mask, an outlet.

The stuff about the water tribe, well, I wasn't going for the homophobia angle at all. I like to believe that there's no concept of LGBT split in the avatar universe, and it simply exists (I know we aren't shown this, but it's my belief, because I want it, and it makes me happy to think it). I simply meant that we're shown in book 2 that the southern tribe are the more open, modern tribe. Senna doesn't wear a betrothal necklace, for example. Her father is clearly in approval of Asami the moment he realises what's going on between them (pretty early on).

I think we both agree that once the fireworks start going off for both of them it's going to be quite the show :)

They're starting this week. BOOM.

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