Hi people,weird request.


Korrasami has a 0.0% chance of happening, but what annoys me is that most of you will celebrate when no one ends up with anyone at the end of the season. I want you to all understand that you lost. You already lost and have no chance of winning, since Korra and Asami will never and can never end up together. They are friends and are not lesbians or bisexual in any way. They will both end up with men in their lives. This kiss is the equivalent to Katara kissing Zuko.




I cannot wait to see the day that you are devastated by the fact that Korrasami was never a thing. And never will be.




Jesus fucking Christ! Can you brain-addled twats quit clogging this place up with your delusions!? It's never going to happen!




Korra and Asami are not lesbians. There's nothing to even suggest they are bisexual. They are straight. On top of that, they have no chemistry. This subreddit has been creaming themselves over their friendship this season, but it's been nothing special. If there were going to be any homosexual couples in the show

  • Aang and Zuko

  • Katara and Toph

  • Bolin and Mako (no really)

would make infinitely more sense. It's not going to happen, and even in the alternate dimension where it did happen, it's still stupid.

Now here's my Serious Discussion Question: Do you think /r/thelastairbender would actually have the balls to not bring up Korrasami every single submission? Because we can't even talk about the show anymore without a massive Korrasami circlejerk starting.


~ /u/input_cords

I won't stop you guys from shipping whatever since it seems to make you happy but it this shit would never fly on kids TV and you know it




They're not actually romantically involved. You know that, right?




No. They'd make a terrible couple.




And this is why I'm leaving this sub.




Gotta say the numbers are against you there. More specifically, both Korra and Asami have only demonstrated heterosexual tendencies. We can't rule out the possibility that Korra and Asami are either closeted or haven't discovered their own sexualities. However, these are all "Watsonian" arguments. From a "Doylist" standpoint, the odds of Korrasami being fufilled in canon is incredibly small simply because Nickelodeon couldn't risk losing its demographic and advertisers.




You're delusional.



No. Stop trying to make this happen. It makes no logical sense.




Hell no. And besides, I don't think it would make sense for two seemingly straight girls to suddenly turn lesbian and fall for each other. Granted, they'd be a cute couple. And Korra is slightly more masculine than usual, but still why can't they just be friends? Edit: LOL but if they started dating Imagine Mako's reaction, he'd never speak to them ever again. Imagine if two of your ex-girlfriends became a couple? God, that'd be so awkward.



This a children's show on Nickelodeon... a lesbian couple is NOT going to happen, do you know how many parents would stop letting their children watch this?


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