46 minutes of Korrasami REUPLOADED

Yeah I don't know. I think some of the cues are there but maybe they could have done better? I did give a possible alternate explanation that seems to work without all the possible hints though over here which I'm actually more satisfied with. The most clear cue though seems to be during reunions (and maybe actually Remembrances which I originally ignored because clip show). That and we can probably take Mako's final words to Korra as a sign that he knows about Korra and Asami developing feelings for each other

Looking back at the Book 1 and 2 scenes does help a bit in explaining her immaturity (both sexually and otherwise) though, so it may make some sense.

I would not have minded a bit cues though. Maybe by having Asami try to convince Korra that she should come with her to the Southern Water Tribe maybe? I'm not against it, just wondering if it could be improved on

Yeah, I think I actually prefer my written explanation to be honest

this is a nice explanation as well. And just because I like Avatar Parallels, notice how Korra's "let's do it" in Book 1 is solely about Korra...because action loving Book 1 Korra, and Korra's "let's do it" is much more empathetic and compassionate since it relates to Asami

But then again, I did mention somewhere that it doesn'; necessarily have to be out in the open, so I'm uncertain. It kind of works at least

With that said, I did notice a few things unrelated to the whole Korrasami thing, which i found notable

  • Looks like Korra does show a BIT of empathy, to the protesters and Asami at the end of Book 1, but she's certainly not at the same point she is by the end of her growth in Book 4. I'd argue that that's just showing a different side of Korra that would be built up as the seasons went on. And as she says, the protesters are not equalists, so she propbably saw some differences there, perhaps thinking the equalists are exclusively bad. Notice how it's Asami that mentions the protesters just wanting some rights?
  • Looks like we did get an emotional performance by Seychelle prior to the finale after all. I forgot that she actually acted emotional when making the decision to electrocute her father

anyways, that''s just my two cents. Cheers

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