Why the lack of love for Stay?

just because it's many people's least favourites doesn't mean it's not liked or even loved. something has to come last in a ranking, inevitably, right? you shouldn't equate other songs being liked more with that song being disliked!

that said, personally, i think the sound is pretty uninspired, misapplied (particularly for jin and rm), and i don't think it was the vocal moment jin deserved. it felt as though the three featuring members were taped together, their voices disconnected. i'm not a fan of the pre-chorus, either, unfortunately. it's not a bad song, but i don't see it growing on me the way so what and best of me did. at the same time, i do think it contributed well to the narrative of the album, both lyrically and sonically! its placement in the tracklist is very coherent and continues to the build well.

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