Landlords of reddit, what are your tenants from hell stories?

We have a few.

One murdered his wife and then wrecked the house, stole weird things like doorknobs but left his personal crap at the property, and skipped town. We discovered it when the FBI showed up at our door.

One couple skipped town after we kept pushing them to let us to a maintenance check, because we suspected they were hoarding. They were and they’d left 3 tons (literally) of garbage they’d collected from curbs behind, including a creepy ass bdsm chamber of huge chains and pulleys from construction sites. Like chains that you’d haul a friggin boat in with, it was madness.

Another flushed objects and household products down the toilet over and over again after being told not to and broke the plumbing and damaged the city’s line too, leaving their actual shit allll over for us to clean up.

I have plenty more but I’m getting riled up all over again and it’s almost bedtime!

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