Leaks regarding Sarada

It definitely feels rushed but hey it’s development for Sarada at least.

Now personally if I had written sarada’s awakening…

I’d have Boruto’s initial death at the hands of kawaki be stretched out with a funeral & some grieving done by multiple parties before Boruto returns to life.

Sarada would awaken her MS after learning of Boruto’s death but I’d throw gasoline on that fire by leaking details of the fight to Sarada.

So now not only is Sarada grieving over Boruto’s death but she knows kawaki is the one who did it. Say hello to that crazy Uchiha hatred all over again.

Sarada would then have motives to kill kawaki for revenge but Sasuke would stop her so they can essentially have “the talk” about the Uchiha clan & Sasuke’s past etc.

I have more ideas but I’ll leave it at that for now.

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