Farha vs. Other Potential Podcast Hosts

Unironically Dan and Destiny should to get that Xena girl from Fresh and Fit to debate Farha, I think that'd be a SUPER entertaining and combative conversation....Pxie in Twitch stream a couple weeks ago I think had already mentioned how Xena said that she wanted to talk to Destiny and potentially network with him to do some content together in the same she wants to network and do content with Pxie in the future, so I think this would be perfect opportunity for her to do that, reach out to her via Pxie or whatever and ask her if she'd like to be on this podcast that Dan and Destiny or doing where she comes on to debate Farha whilst Destiny and Dan act as morderators for the discourse stopping things from getting to rowdy, prevent one person from overtalking the another too much and overall stepping into to stop the conversation into derailing into another unrelated/irrelevant topic, given Xena combative personality her going up against a sort of debate brained Farha would be super entertaining to see, seeing them clashing/butting heads on a lot of topics they disagree on would be a fun showdown in my opinion, so I don't know if Dan will see this but if he does I hope atleast takes this little suggestion from me and if not I'd still personally think it'd be a good idea for good podcast content for the audience to see.

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