leaning towards getting this one what do you guys think?

The computers in those have a kill capacitor glued to the motherboard when they leak the electrolyte wicks into the circuit board killing it. No repairs are possible. Its a multilayer circuit trace board. Like a freeway interchange. Each layer coming and going in different directions. No way to fix it.


The turbo mitsubishi engines also blew head gaskets. Required hylomar aka permatex head gasket spray that is good for -50 to 500f on the can.

These are multilayer steel headgaskets. The last few i did. I took the rivets out of the multilayer steel headgaskets. Did a light coating of hylomar on each side. Reassembled the multilayer steel head gaskets. Coated both outsides with hylomar. Then installed them. No more head gasket issues. But how many techs go that far.

I sent several late 80s and early 90s Mitsubishi's to the dismantler because no good. pcms could be found.


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