24 WINS with this 80k total worth team + baby blanc. Shows that you can get elite with any squad.

That's why i only play half of WL most of the time and don't even touch the game during the week... only did some trading on web app, but can't even be bothered doing that any more... i'm currently sitting with decent team and 7m coins and have no idea who to buy when they all turn like trucks in game

Played full wl only 3-4 times and got elite 2, but it's something i wouldn't recommend to anyone who is playing in same conditions, not only do you play people with overload + 70% possession with 2 shots in 90 mins, but you also play against game itself and delay...

That's why i usually stop at gold 3 with 1-2 losses where i don't really face that many good opponents, so even with delay i can still win somehow

But few times that i did get crisp and clean gameplay i even made topics here, it was completely different game, felt like i was reading the mind of my opponents, had my players in position before every pass they made... (probably because they had delay then and not me)

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