A Reminder on the Recommendation to Stagger Applications for the CERB

I'm not sure where to post this... but I have a 2 part question regarding the CERB... for anyone in the know. If you receive the emergency isolation fund (around $1100.00) are you still eligible for the CERB benefit as well?

Also, I'm trying to file my taxes right now - I was a FT student for for 3 months of 2019 but I had to withdraw for health reasons. For the other 9 months during 2019 I was "self employed", hired as a caregiver and did small cleaning jobs. I think I made around $8000 total in 2019 - when I wasn't in school.

*I earned around $2600 during January and February and the first week of March - but was let go because of covid-19 and the person I was caregiver to, is especially vulnerable.

I don't qualify for E.I. because this past year I've essentially been "self employed" and it's my responsibility to file taxes etc... Should I file my taxes now and just say I was self-employed or should I still include the fact that I was a student for a few months? (Even though I withdrew). I'm wondering how I should file and if I do qualify for the CERB benefit - given my financial situation and employment history for the past year.

Any input/advice/suggestions you have are greatly appreciated... because I haven't been able to get through to an actual human being from Alberta Gov or Government of Canada for about 3 weeks now.

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