Inside an ER during the coronavirus outbreak

Sharing this anecdote after seeing a comment about going to the hospital for unrelated reasons—a couple weeks ago I passed out and smacked my face on my kitchen counter, lacerating the shit out of my forehead. I live in Brooklyn, but my parents live in nearby Westchester—they're right outside the New Rochelle lockdown zone—and my mom was able to pick me up to get me medical help at a Westchester ER because I desperately needed stitches.

I have never been in such a tense environment in my life. I was there for like 6 or 7 hours with two hour long intervals before people were seeing me (all I needed was stitches and a CAT scan), and at one point they rushed someone in to the wing I was in only to rush her out minutes later when a nurse yelled "get patient [number] out of here, her husband tested positive, she is SICK," but the way she said the word "sick" really stuck with me and freaked me out. The nurses were arguing a lot and losing patience with each other and patients (I don't blame them). I've been to many hospitals for emergencies and I've just never experienced such a horrifying, ominous feel. So grateful for the medical personnel in the trenches rn.

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