Lemme hear your first date(s)

It was great, awkward at the end but still great even in that moment. We went out to this Asian restaurant, we werr both nervous since it's my first date and it's his first date after 2 years of not dating anyone. We talked a little, there were a few silent moments but I just joked about being quiet and it's his job to start the conversation since he's more expetienced (I did tell him before the date that I was afraid of running out of stuff to talk about and he said he would think of something and I should not be worried). After talking for a while, we headed to the movie theater to watch "The Hunger Game Mockingjay". As we were watching the movie, he moved the drink to his side so the middle arm rest was left unused, I started noticing his left hand just kept wandering between his knee and the arm rest and a few minutes later, that fucker finally grabbed my hand and I was like "Tell me when my hand gets sweaty or your, okay?" but inside I was squealing like a teenage girl, we held hand through out the movie, occasionally rested on each other's shoulder and made comments about the movie. After the movie, we decided to watch "Big Hero 6" even though both of us had watched it before so that's when I knew he wanted to spend more time with me and we started doing the whole hand holding, head resting on shoulder thing but I initiated it this time. When we got back to his house (his leg was/is broken so he couldn't drive), I got quite nervous and blunt and said "I'd kiss you but I don't know how so I guess, Goodbye" then walked away, the guy was just like "Come here" so I turned around, got really close to his face. I got so nervous that when our lips touched, I didn't know what to do, I froze for few seconds, pulled out and asked if that's how it should go, he said "Don't make this awkward", did it again and samething happened. However, after pulling out I just put my head on his shoulder with both my hands grabbing his jacket and asked him to be patient with me, he just gave me a really long hug, gave me a kiss on the neck and said "Okay", we said goodbye and he told me to text him when I got home. It was so cringeworthy but it felt really nice at the same time. So yeah, that's how my first date went, probably one of my favorite memories.

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