"Only a white person would do this!"

To be honest, I feel like I've been trying to walk on eggshells through most of this conversation, by making sure to never indict all of any race or all of reddit or namecall.

I'm not. Jesus christ, stop painting me with this weird bullying perception. I said "from what I understand this is what you believe". I specifically said that because in the beginning you said I didn't understand your point and I was trying to understand what you wanted to say. That is what you believe, yes or no? If not, what point were you trying to make?

In both these posts you described me as someone sitting back and sipping lemonaid and chucking at you and making fun of you and barely resisting calling you names.

I am a 24 year old fat woman who is trying to get herself out of poverty that has been diagnosed with agoraphobia, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It would be very hypocritical and out of character for me to call someone names. Yes, I was angry yesterday but I wasn't this morning, so I can see why you said you weren't having fun. But please stop painting me as a snooty bully.

I wasn't saying that to call you a liar, I was saying it because I don't know when you last saw the video and I might have a different opinion on it. I can't find the video and you won't share it. I can see why you would think I was saying you are lying but that was not my intention.


Interesting. Definitely that white woman was talking about something that didn't really have to do with the video the woman made. Ie feeling like only white people can be called racist. I agree that people can be trigger happy with the word racist, but I don't agree that only white people are considered racist. I get what you are saying about a persecution complex in that video.

I'm calling for evidence because you keep calling me for evidence. I'm trying to show you why it's ridiculous to ask that.

I would have searched for evidence. I think it would have been hard for both of us to do.

It means that conversations about non-offensive jokes (for either race) rarely make the news and are not the norm.

People getting offended by jokes in general are not the norm, no. I was not saying that this is something that happens all the time. when I used norm in this situation I was talking about this statement of yours

Like, on the internet we complain about tumblr being mean to white people, but in the real world the only time people give a shit is when people make jokes about white people.

You weren't saying that people do this all the time, and neither was I. I was talking about the norm in instances of people making race jokes.

These are the times I said norm

If you are talking about in your city, then I have to tell you that isn't the norm.

In reply to you asking how I know what is and isn't the norm:

I am saying what is the norm based on the media.

First. Calm down and breath. This is getting confusing.

You continually bring up the media as the norm, which is why I keep referencing it.

Are you just talking about how people talk amongst each other? I still disagree with you then and think it has to do with where you live and your friends. Remember what I got upset about at first was my impression that you were saying it is the norm for mostly only white people to get mad about race jokes.

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