Lindsay Logan GTA lawsuit dismissed

First Lindsay Lohan originally claimed the 'random event' character Lacey Jonas was based on her in July 2014:

Then the media starting picking up on the story and included the 'beach girl' character with it. With the case not looking promising (October 2014) Lohan then decided the beach girl character looked like her and she added some similar photos to her case to try and prove this point instead.

Here is one of those comparison images used by Lohan in her case:

It is then believed Lohan also tried to make comparisons between herself and this other character featured in artwork:


Fans predicted the beach girl was actually based on Kate Upton and somebody made a quite convincing comparison image:


If you didn't know, the real 'beach girl' model was actually my friend Shelby Welinder and here are her photos and wage slip from Rockstar to prove it:

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