I’m having big time problems with EA Play on PC GamePass

Ahh shoot, that makes sense though.

So many years ago my main email account was an old Hotmail account. A few months ago I noticed that it was changed from my hotmail to a weird email that looked like “outlook_<long series of numbers and letters>@outlook.com. I tried signing in with my old Hotmail account and I’d get error messages saying it doesn’t exist. Since it was an old Hotmail that I never really used for anything I was super upset about it so I just changed everything to my Gmail account, including my Microsoft Xbox account email.

So EA Play comes out for PCGP subscribers. I’ve been subbing to GP through my Xbox account (that is now a Gmail account) for years. So I download the EA Play PC client and go to sign in with my Gmail account (that’s linked to my Xbox GP account) but then it says I need to sub to EA Play. So I go to the EA Play website and see there’s a button to “sign in with Xbox Live” so I click that button and sign with with XBL using my GamerTag (which is again, linked to my Gmail account). So then I go to my account to see what’s all linked and whatnot, and it shows my Xbox GT is linked but for the email it shows it’s my old Hotmail (again, the one that supposedly doesn’t exist anymore). I click on the “change email” button but then I get a message saying a verification code was emailed to me so I could change the email —— the code was sent to my Hotmail account, the one I can’t access.

So that’s pretty much where I stand. My EA Play account is linked to my Xbox GT and my old Hotmail that I have literally no way of accessing. My Xbox GT is linked to my Gmail account, not my Hotmail account. I have tried everything I could think of and nothing is working, I have no idea what to do and have been working on this for almost 3 days now. I’ve posted a thread on the EA Play help forums but haven’t heard anything back yet, I’ve tried emailing Microsoft but when I click on the “email us” link on their support site it opens up my mail app and that’s it, doesn’t actually give me an address to email or anything.

I have some pics that might make things a little easier to follow along to if you need.

To summarize:

Old Hotmail account no longer exists. My Xbox GT is linked to my Gmail. My EA Play account is still linked to my Hotmail account (while also being linked to my Xbox GT). I can’t make any changes to my EA Play Account because I need a verification code and the only way to get the code is via email (but the email linked to the account is Hotmail which no longer exists).

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