Looking for some good synths for hefty bleeps and bloops

On one hand you are absolutely correct. On the other hand most early techno was done on modular and even today it is extraordinary popular to use modular for techno.

I'm not well versed with modular synths myself but perhaps there is something to using the tools that others used before you. Sometimes the "limited" but "unlimited" nature of modular forces your workflow in different ways that can inspire creativity.

The only modular synth I've worked with in some detail is MUX Modular. I did find it really interesting working with all the patch points and it definitely caused some differences in the sound design that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. One of my favorite ways to use MUX - it can load other VSTs and has all kinds of events you can process. I typically will use MUX to build a "poly" instrument. I use it's Note Splitter module to split half of my notes to one VSTi and the other half notes to a different VSTi.

Essentially this is like building your own Hocket instrument.

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