Looking for street art!

haha its okay. I don't care that I seem to be the only one to remember the graffiti wall down by NULU before NULU was a thing. I also seem to be the only one who knows about the tags at mellwood. Seriously I get downvoted for actually being the only person in this thread to talked about street art. OP asked about graffiti so sorry r/louisville for answering that question. Sometimes this thread shows its true stupidity when shit like this happens. either that or we have a bunch of Brrr fans on here and if so you really don't know art. anyone can write brrr and draw that stupid face. then he gets mad when people steal his shit. Well I didn't know you copyrighted smily faces.

sorry for giving OP other answers other than Hunter S Thompson on the side of the monkey wrench. I guess to you all street art only applies to businesses that decided to make their own art on their wall. Also sorry but the sub culture of graffiti is real and we do have a a bunch of taggers but Cincinnati has way more of them. I guess another reason you all are butt hurt over my post is cause I didn't list where to find stuff. But its not like taggers go out and put geocaching on their work. You just have to find that shit.

But OP sorry that I answered your question and gave you something different other than art everyone knows about cause its scene from your car at a red light. I do recommend checking out mellwood art center as they did have cool tags and there use to be this place in butchertown that consisted of about 10 artist all working in the same building. Its where matt Anthony's record shop use to be. Well they had a couple artist who liked to do graffiti and they had some cool art in their studio but I think the studio closed once matt anthony and the other shops moved out. I saw jim james there once one of the times I was their looking at art.

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