Riot Lyte: "Only 10% of League players are classified as positive." The rest are classified as neutral or toxic.

Yep, the system and mentality they have created in the League community is absolutely stupid. They have basically created the idea that any criticism is "toxic", and that questioning anyone else's actions is "toxic" as well. This a 5 man TEAM game, teams that are more coordinated and are on the same page will always have the advantage, in any game.

They basically promote the "play your own game" mentality where you just run around and coordinate with smart pings and 1 word sentences. People are WAY too easily offended on this game. You criticize somebodie's build? Toxic. You tell your teammate what they are doing is going to lose your team the game? Negative attitude. You try and tell your support because they don't know what they are doing and you are trying to help out? STFU DON'T TELL ME HOW TO PLAY.

Your top laner is split pushing all game and refusing to group?

You say "Renekton please group" - No response

He does it again. "Renekton, please group". - No response

Your team is now on the virge of losing because Renekton refuses to communicate and work as a team "RENEKTON, GROUP". His response? "Stfu all game you bitching no reason noob" and he reports you after the game for negative attitude. Then, that person becomes angry for being reported and reports back.

Solo queue has literally become just a "report the people you don't like, regardless if what they are doing is wrong or not.". Riot says false reports don't do anything, but that's bullshit. The people on Riot's behavior team have an unrealistic view of how people should act, and what they shouldn't and shouldn't be saying. Also besides the system itself this mentality just creates more toxicity on top of it.

Unless someone is calling other people "retard idiot cancer nigger faggots kill yourself", intentionally feeding, afking/leaving games, or griefing(purposely just sitting in bushes or refusing to group all game resulting in losing your team the game, etc.) they shouldn't be reported. Instead people want to report for saying what you did is wrong, or your build is bad, or by asking the team to surrender when its 0-20 5 towers 2 dragons down WHEN THERE IS LITERALLY A SURRENDER TOOL IMPLEMENTED INTO THE GAME.

It's simple, people don't like being reported, and when players make neutral statements in game, criticize and other people PERCEIVE it as toxic, even though it ISN'T(EVEN IF THE CRITICISM IS WRONG, IT ISN'T TOXIC) and report because of it, it makes the player making the neutral statements mad/possibly toxic in the future because of it.

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