Lovren: "Elbowed him good. Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk now, buddy. Buddy! They are a bunch of pussies”

I don't care for the Europa League so why would I shut it out? It's a non trophy. All the best to Sevilla for winning it. I don't even care that we've won it many times either because I don't count non-trophies as real trophies. Problem with the west is your disgusting participation trophy and loser mentality. You teach kids its okay to be a loser, not a winner, so they then settle for coming 6th and getting fat from Greggs. It's sick. Mourinho won the final of non-trophies so no he's not more successful because winning non-trophies is not something to be proud of. And, people write us off all the time, No one expected us to get to the final yet we did it so do it again. We will win the CL again in the next 5 years but then you will try to play it off because of your non club loser mentality. Just face facts. I also openly admit to supporting Liverpool FC whilst you hide who you support. Either you're embarrassed by them or you're not a local but just a glory supporter from miles away! Embarrassing and pathetic.

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