I’m about to get my PhD but my college drop out brother was the ‘smart one’

hugs congrads! My NMom sabotaged my college plans and wondered why I was depressed after having to settle for community college rather than the best public college in the state. Now she is happily telling me I have settled for less than my full potential and need to do more with my life. Let's see..I worked for a Fortune 25 company in a demanding position, now am a SAHM to two kids, while going to school full time and will graduate in less than two years, have lost 50 lbs so far this year (not that I have told her one bit), and have a wonderful husband even if he is a turd at times. Meanwhile because my Nmom thinks that things are handed to her on a silver platter, she failed to secure her internship on time to graduate soon and needs to go back to work as her husband will stop paying for everything soon as she keeps pushing her grad date back. Oh, and my degree will cost what she paid for half of a semester due to being willing to work hard at a few things.

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