I’m friends with a girl who’s parents are super wealthy, one website says worth 1.3 billion.

That part has always been really challenging for me. Like I said above I know her from a one off way like let’s say I was her tutor and we became really close, I would have massive anxiety over gifts. I would usually splurge (for me) and get her something fancy but that I could afford. Like a tiny thing from Tiffany’s, she would always wear it once in awhile. Sometimes I would do a random practical thing I had noticed she didn’t have. Once I got her a water fountain dog bowl for her puppy she had never heard of it and went nuts for it. It was like $60. Stuff like that. Or like a humidifier I did that once she had never owned one and had a stuffy nose. Once she told me she had never had an advent calendar and I got her one she was sweet about that! Creativity & listening.

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