Madigan gives his blessing to recreational cannabis in Illinois


Your fucking parameters can't ignore reality.

Socialism works for some people. When grandma and grandpa get government healthcare or a fucking social security check, THAT IS SOCIALISM!

When a fire fighter saves a family from their burning building. THAT IS SOCIALISM!

When YOU attended EIU, a public school, subsidized in part by the taxpayers, THAT IS SOCIALISM.

For fuck sake, plenty of countries in the world have embraced socialism and their people live happier, longer lives with a higher quality of life.

It is disingenuous to point to the failed states that adopted socialism via revolution as the end all be all of what it can accomplish.

I would never point to the East-India trade company as the shining example of how evil capitalism is. I mean, I could, but that would require me to ignore all the good capitalism has to offer. You need to broaden your fucking horizons and stop shilling for the fucking uber-wealthy.

You say you don't like socialism now, but you still haven't addressed any of the points I raised about how socialism in the US is embraced and works to help people.

So tell me, should the elderly get publicly subsidized benefits?

Its okay if the answer is no. I just want to gauge how much thought you put into your "socialism is evil" assertion and if you are willing to advocate to make a bunch of old people "give up certain things" because it requires them to take money from people who actually earned it.

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