MannyMUA tests PR vs purchased cosmetics to see if there's a difference in quality

Yes, thank you! I really think some people may just not get it, and they either haven't been messed about enough, or may unknowingly be the ones doing the messing about? Because I've had this happen to me quite a few times and it was pretty crushing, so I really can't help but utterly despise Manny.

I'm only not crushed anymore, because I only have like two friends I speak with (and there is some messing about sometimes but I'm just too used to it now to give much of a shit - better than being alone all the time, ya know, so I deal) and zero social life, because I honestly just cannot be bothered to go out of my way to look for more friends at all. What for? More of the same? I've really reduced my disappointment levels. Yeah, sure, I'm always sad I don't get to do anything for fun and don't really leave the house for fun, but at least I'm not constantly dealing with horrible people, and in more recent years getting ghosted because I finally dared mentioned my chronic illnesses and whatever after being everyone's free therapist and always being there for them.

A few years back, I did a little experiment. I knew so many people and I actually thought I had a fair few close friends. But I decided I would no longer speak with anyone that needed me getting in touch first to bother speaking with me. So for once I just waited for people to try and reach me, and longer and longer would pass and no one cared to do so. I kept one friend at the end. One of the ones I still have, and fuck knows he's done far, far worse many times since, but I'm a loyal shmuck, what can I say? I can't leave when he was the only one staying. I met more people and made more friends since, kind of the same result, even if different circumstances. I also don't bother updating social media, and haven't for 3 or more years. Been mostly alone for quite a few years, but at least I'm no longer wasting time and energy on scummy "friends" that suck you dry or are only interested in you when you are in a party-party-yay mood and give nothing back.

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