MBC released an official statement to edit out IZONE, including Yujin as MC, on "My Little Television", airing on the 11th.

I mean frankly the show did highlight some important things that needed to be addressed, like the mistreatment of the kids. The issue is fans don’t know how to separate the faces of the issue from the ones actually causing it, so the hate was almost all directed towards the kids themselves rather then the actual ones committing the crimes. Funny, how the ones being hated on are the ones the episode itself said were throwing up and coughing up blood.

The thing is that there’s no way the producers didn’t know this would happen, and they marketed it in a way that painted the actual members as criminals rather than the company executives. The fact that they chose to go about it like that in order to gain views rather than professionally report on the issue- yeah, it’s a shit show.

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