Mechanics, what car brand would you never buy, and why?

Off the mark there. Ford divested Aston Martin 11 years ago now, but does retain a minor stake in the company.

The major Astons developed during the Ford ownership period were the DB7, DB9, and Vantage. The DB7 shared it's platform with the Jaguar XJS (long since obsolete) but the DB9 and Vantage use an entirely proprietary VH platform. No Ford vehicles use this platform, and the parts exchange that did occur was entirely on the part of Aston obtaining parts from Ford (more info here: Since 2013, Aston has actually been "teaming up" exclusively with Mercedes in the form of Mercedes taking on an ownership stake and sharing interior components and V8s, amongst others.

The Fusion's similarity to Aston's signature grill and front fascia is also entirely coincidental.

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