Media/people you thought were amazing, but then you grew out of it/realized it's not even good

The mainline Pokemon games.

I'd hesitate to call them bad, they're always pretty polished for the most part but they're just so utterly boring to play now as an adult. They're designed very deliberately so that very young kids can play them and so a lot of the strategy in combat is reduced to "pick the move that has the element counter to the opponent you're fighting". There's status effects and trap moves you can do and a whole bunch of hidden mechanics but the main stories never really demand much out of you as a player. Once you've made a team that covers all of the elemental type weaknesses the game pretty much plays itself.

On top of this, very little about the gameplay has changed over the years. The introduction of double battles was a nice way to shake things up and brought a little more strategy to fights but they're rarely used and most fights are still one on one affairs. I'm not saying the combat needs to be SMT levels of punishing but I think there's a healthy medium between having turn based combat that's easy enough that a small child could understand it but also challenging enough that someone who's more experienced with turn based JRPGs isn't going to just fly through it. As it stands, the series is just kind of "baby's first JRPG".

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