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Hey guys first off just wanted to give a shoutout to you and say how much i appreciate all the hard work that you guys have been doing on H1Z1 and also give you guys a little idea that i have been working around in my head for a while. What if as a solution to people newer to the genre and for making getting around slightly easier for our veterans out there you implement something i like to call "memory mapping". Memory mapping as i like to call it would be a feature instead of your traditional maps a kind of fog of war discovery map feature to help people see exactly where they have been for their current life and the general direction they have been traveling thus far with generic elevation markers and basic building representations. Make a certain radius or conical distance from the player that is constantly being discovered as they discover more and more of the map making elevation and weather be the deciding factor on exactly how large of a distance is passively discovered as you move, if your on a mountain then you can see and discover much further then you could just running around the woods randomly. This would add more attraction to the mountainous features of the map, give them a sense of purpose for people rather then just generic landmarks that are a pain to traverse. Maybe make it so the map follows the way the direction the player is facing so you wont be giving away directional headings by the way the map faces but make it an upgradable feature when you have a makeshift compass in your inventory. As i say this is not yet a fully formed idea but just general thoughts as to something that could make navigation have a unique feel in this game. I am not sure that this is what you guys have in mind for future navigation in the game but i do hope you consider this because it is not only good for the player it is also good for the devs. As a constantly growing map im sure it would be more difficult then it has to be to be constantly changing the static maps as you add more and more to the map, with this feature you would just get a feeling of exploring more previous unexplored areas rather then the area just growing out of the ground overnight. Overall I believe this feature would make exploring more satisfying because you would feel like you are actually accomplishing something by just simply running around, the more you explore the easier it is to get around.

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