Militia glamor shots

Do you believe all women? I am of the opinion personally now that if y'all want to buy into the bullshit that yo are being told, w/e. For the sake of my own sanity, you can do you man. I can tell you for a fact, I did not appreciate when I was an awkward young man that I felt like i was gaslighted into hating myself and that women were gaslighted into loving themselves too much. We are about to have a cat lady phenomenon, forget the incel stuff. You have the right to think critically bro, I am leaving with that. This shit isn't worth it. I incline bench 225 for reps, I am conventionally masculine looking and handsome, I am 6 ft in shoes, I have a trust fund, I have never worried about money in my life. I can verify all of this, easily, #screenshots, this propaganda neckbeard garbage cannot hold up to the information Age. I genuinely hope there is not a horrible misogynist backlash, Jordan Peterson is not completely full of it. I think that when it comes to the incel population vs the general population, way more autism (I am not autistic), also, you are getting this from me sir, for every one closeted homosexual in the general pop, three in the incel pop (also not gay). That is interesting because a lot of the people on here are ironically hurting the people they claim to care about. I think you are a jerk because you probably already know that these people are a paradox, shame on you. Trust fund dudes, like myself got hit hard, reasons are more complex, in a nutshell there is more of a stigma attached to being born with money now so you can not leverage it as easily for social benefits. I bet a lot of this stuff you probably already know, hopefully some of it was interesting, new and maybe you didn't think about it too much prior to reading my rant, that's the beauty of the free exchange of ideas. Stay strong out there bro.

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