[Misc] After nearly 800hrs....I got booted

Yeah yesterday I put up with some douches because of my friend. They are his friends, I guess neighbours or some shit like that, all 32s.

First we do Crota normal. Only I and some other guy were shooting Crota with rockets, the other 2 morons were shooting with snipers. We were in 5 btw.

Then we decide to go kill Atheon since I had Gorgon CP. I tell everybody to stay back and I'll solo the gorgon when I am getting ready to start the jumping puzzle, I see gorgon gaze, lol have to re do the same thing. I tell them to leave to orbit, they do.

We start the gatekeeper and the morons can't handle the minotaur that Spawns by the left gate. Fantastic. We beat the gatekeeper after 5 tries or so, with just me and the other relic holder alive. We had another guy who was 29 and knew what he was doing but he couldn't do much.

So Atheon is where the fun starts. The morons can't get out of the contaiment Shields and can't kill supplicants when they are not teleported. Once we wiped because they couldn't even open the gate. And this was after good 5 minutes of explaining what they had to do.

When they were teleported, it was worse. They couldn't destroy the first 3 oracles. Nevermind all of them. We tell them what weapons to use, we check their weapons, we tell them to stay together, grenade on venus, all that. Everything was covered in the explanations. Succumb to the oracles every time. We are talking about 2 32s here. .

After 6 or 7 tries, fuck it I left, went to fireteams, got myself a fireteam and beat Atheon twice in 15 minutes whereas I was stuck with those tards for an hour and couldn't even beat the oracles. The second time also with 5 guys we managed to get 95% of Atheon's health on the first time vengeance, one icebreaker shot in the second and he was toasted, whereas with the first group of 32s I think in 7 tries for Atheon we only managed to get times vengeance a couple of times.

After that, I had never stuck with BS from random fireteams, now I am not gonna be stuck with BS for friends of friends either. I will just play with people who know what they are doing or have the potential to learn. I suggest everyone does the same. Thank god 95% of my raid experiences are awesome, but Christ I wonder sometimes how people even have the brains to turn their PS4 on.

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