[MISC] Upcoming competitive clan desires to become part of the Prospective Reddit Clans list.

Firstly your post was removed because it is a recruitment thread and that violates Rule #8 banning all recruitment posts.

The other reasons would be:

(prospective clan list is our goal, don't really care about becoming verified)

This is a blatant slap in the face of the RCS. You want to become a Prospective clan solely to get on our list so your clan can gain visibility. If you don't care about becoming verified that shows that you don't hold the same values that we have and would not be a good fit.

Feeder clan...Thanatos Rebels

Feeder/Sister clans are not allowed in the RCS.

I understand I may have come off harshly, but frankly you have ignored several rules in your post, and your comment regarding not caring about going through the verification process struck a nerve.

I am on the team of Mods that visit these clans. These prospective leaders bust their ass trying to build a clan and make it something special. They can spend several months on the list building a quality clan. And when they have reached that point, the moderators visit them for several weeks as well to ensure everything is running well and to give any help and advice. It is long PROCESS that takes work, trust, and communication between the leader and mod. With you saying you don't care about the verification process and becoming a full member of the RCS, you go against everything we stand for. We don't do this to get on a list, or get publicity. We are a family of clans, no one better than another, working together to make this place great and to have a little fun.

Please take the time to READ all of our rules and guides regarding creating a reddit clan, and our subreddit rules. If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

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