MOAL - Ryzen 4000 laptops, THE LIST is now OPEN for comments

I think the XMG Apex 15 deserves to be corrected and included more properly because desktop CPUs are simply offset from mobile ones and the efficiency (scores per watt) of 3000 desktop CPUs is actually quite similar to 4000 mobile ones:

Desktop: about 90-120 Cinebench r20 points per watt (higher efficiency in eco mode)
Mobile H-series: about 90-150 points per watt (range also related to TDP reduction)
(Mobile U-series: 170-220 points per watt)

It should be noted though that this is based on a mix of benchmarks (18 in total) where TDP was actually measured and benchmarks where it wasn't specified and so I simply used the theoretical official number.

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