Moderators Wanted - APPLY HERE!!!

  1. Been a reddit member for at least 12mths I have been a Reddit member for 2 years (I have been an active participant in the Lego community for about 14 years).

  2. have a history of /r/lego community participation I am not a huge contributor, but I do post both through my MOCs and also comments.

  3. what's your time zone? I am in Australia

  4. what do you like about /r/lego? I like the diversity of /r/lego. As an active online and local AFOL, I find /r/lego captures the entire cross section of Lego enthusiasts in a way that other lego groups can’t. From kids, parents, occasional builders, new AFOLs, TFOLs and experienced AFOLs. This gives real depth in content and gives a fresh perspective to the hobby.

  5. what would you like to change about /r/lego? Why/how? I like /r/lego, so I would like it to continue as an inclusive environment for all users.

  6. what do you want to achieve by becoming a member of the /r/lego mod team?/Why do you want to become a mod? I have never done any moderating, so can’t bring any experience, but I would like to involve myself more in giving back to a hobby that I have taken so much from. (and also gives me an excuse when my husband tells me I am on Reddit too much).

  7. what posts should be removed from /r/lego? Posts which include any content which could reasonably be considered inappropriate and personal attacks.

I don't believe that my role should include any kind of judgement on quality and interest, as long as it meets the rules of /r/lego.

  1. how much time can you donate to /r/lego in any given week? Most evenings I would be on and off Reddit.

Reading the responses by the people who have put their hand up so far, it is clear that the /r/lego community is made up of really amazing members, so I don't expect to get the position. But I am showing my interest anyway.

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