Molly Shannon Says Gary Coleman Sexually Harassed Her: ‘He Was Relentless’

What would compel you to go to someone’s hotel room anyways? Even with an agent? I younger than her and I wouldn’t even go into a conference room alone with a male. So she had someone she paid and they just left? I would sue the agent. That’s a bad agent. That would be more constructive to raise awareness to the agent. But again, you have to have multiple buddies. At least 2. A pair and a spare. That should check in on you. Naive at 35 years old? She was 35 in 1999. So if someone handed her some candy she would have went? Help them find the puppy? But I also see this from the lens as people likely did not talk about prevention in 1999. That is why I feel bad. It’s great that she came forward. Would have been a different story if she had a CWP. More women are becoming armed and travel in groups who are also carrying CWPs.

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