Monthly Discussion Post - Feb. 2021

G'day everyone! I'm looking for good, useful resources on how to efficiently play ACNH. I've tried googling it and I get a load of websites full of ads and very sparse on details.

I'm specifically looking at how to efficiently obtain bells, as I'm short on time and I'm the island rep for my two kiddos (both under 5) and I'm trying to progress the game for them (they certainly help, but there's only so much they can do!)

What I do currently:

  • I do a run around the island, picking up shells/coral/etc to sell and then also pick & sell fruit.

  • I visit islands (via nook ticket) and specifically target fruit and shells to sell. I gather resources too, but don't sell any of them. I think I'm on my 10th visit and have not seen anything but the basic island. The only stand-out was an island that had ~50 fruits, which was obviously great for bells. RNG hasn't been kind it would seem.

  • I've also tried the "stalk market" and pulled in some big gains, but this is slow.

What I don't do (but could easily be convinced otherwise):

  • I tend not to collect bugs or fish for selling (just goes to museum or for kids to display in their houses) since they seem to take a lot of time to collect. Maybe my assessment is wrong and the money/time ratio is actually quite good.

  • I do not sell rocks, iron, clay, branches, or any wood types since they seem to be used in every DIY. I also don't sell flower petals since they are not worth much and the kids do DIY with them.

  • I do not dig up flowers or trees on the islands I visit. I'm thinking maybe I should be transplanting the fruit trees (at least) to increase fruit income on the main island.

  • I haven't tried the "hot item" at Nook's Cranny yet because it consumes building resources (usually) which goes to the kiddos or progressing the game (again, I can be convinced otherwise!)

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