More advice from a boy, about boys

Two and a half years ago at the marginally younger age of still old (22) I met a girl at a Christmas party on campus and we just hit it off. Talked for four hours. Shared memes and cute animal pictures. She was extraordinarily honest with me and open about her interests and feelings and experiences and we agreed to meet for coffee the following monday before she went home for the holiday break. When I opened up to her that my ex-gf from high school had emotionally and sexually abused me, she was receptive and there for me and believed me and I was just astounded. I was very hesitant about initiating physical contact or making decisions and she took all the initiative and I was smitten and comforted.

Communication is extremely important. When this girl accepted my past and shared her own, it meant the world to me to be trusted and believed. She didn’t have to open up in return but even just being believed meant a lot to me. A week later, she kissed me for the first time, the first kiss I’d had in six years. No question or recrimination, no beating around the bush. She also made certain to mention that she had some serious feeljngs developing for me but that she couldn’t immediately commit to a relationship until she ended things with an ex in a way that wasn’t leaving a loose end or a messy breakup. Communicating that went a long way as well.

Fast forward to now. We’re still together. Last may I proposed in Paris during a two-week study abroad trip. Barring any rona complications we’re getting married next May on the two year anniversary of our engagement. She knows numbers are extremely symbolic to me as a guy with moderate OCD so the significance of that date wasn’t lost on her when she suggested it. I love her to death (not literally) and can’t honestly see myself without her.

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