The most broke vaper wins an IPV4

Unemployed living with my mother and grandfather. Can't get a job due to anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Can't go to the doctor to get treated so I can finally get a job, because I don't have any income or insurance. Mother has Cerebral Palsy and is on disability. Medicaid hasn't kicked in yet, so all of her medical expenses are out of pocket. Grandfather is on social security and all his money goes to paying bills for two houses, one of which is the house my deadbeat brother lives in. He doesn't even attempt to find a job, and even if he did, he has a lengthy criminal background so he wouldn't get a job anyways. He mooches off them constantly and uses his diabetes as an excuse. He constantly says he needs diabetic supplies (needles, insulin, glucose test strips, etc.) and they fall for it every time. Half the time he never buys what he says he needs, and buys pot or pills instead. A week or two later he actually needs them, so there's even more money gone. He went to school for Graphic Design. My mother co-signed for his loans and he never got a job to repay them, so now she's stuck with his debt. When I was younger and we were somewhat "well off" they bought him five or six different cars, all of which he wrecked while drunk. There's where a big portion of their money went. He was on probation for a year for being caught with a bunch of pot. They had to pay all his probation fees. He never payed them half the time and would just keep the money, so it ended up like the diabetic supplies, where they had to pay even more when the fees really needed to be payed. So I'm stuck here helping out around the house, doing all I can to help since I'm not bringing in any money to the household. I need to go to the doctor so I can try to get my anxiety/depression/panic attacks treated. I need my wisdom teeth pulled because my gums are constantly getting infected and swollen. When that happens I end up having to go to the ER which costs right under 500 dollars after the visit, penicillin, and pain killers. So my hospital bills just keep piling up. I constantly have headaches and eye pain due to my shitty vision. Glasses are completely out of the question because they're so expensive, and honestly, the least of my problems. I barely have any clothes that fit anymore. Three pairs of pants and like four t shirts in total. So anyways, I'd like to win because buying a new mod is simply not doable right now. I'm using a cheap Chinese eBay nemesis and plume veil clone that cost like 30 bucks together.

tl;dr I can't buy new vape stuff because I don't have a job due to anxiety and my brother's a shitty person.

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