The most compelling discovery/realisation I have had concerning /r/theredpill and the facade the users try to maintain and the fantasy they live- the manospheres star signs. Also discoveries on the roots of TRP and the mentality of the users.


They totally ruin their chances of ever getting better. On wizardchan they develop the strangest complex of hating women and hating life and hating "normies".. The thing is, they say they hate "normies' as the cause of their pain but they don't realise their narcissistic nature/ They are so obsessesed with self pity, they insult anyone who has had sex as a "chad" and they compete for self pity, they say "you don't get to complain about virginity until you're 30" "normie please, you've actually kissed someone? I'm 40 and I'm a kissless virgin who has never held hands".. But then you get them saying, "oh there is no point getting some used up whore, she would have to be a virgin ideally"..

It's amazing. When you look deep enough you find TRP is really the blind leading the blind, mixed with the emperors new clothes. So many of them are so broken. They don't realise how many of their fellow members are just lying, they "fake it until they make it", but some of them are just faking it and have no intention of making it.

And yes like you said. The overlap of demographics is clearly very very high. I see the same language on all the sites and references to "chad" e.t.c. You raised such a good point, it is very clear that many of them do not go outside. In fact on r9k and wizchan there is an obsession with being a NEET and wanting "autismbux" so that they can live forever in a basement playing video games all day. It's unbelievable. But if some foreigner wanted benefits to get back on their feet they will lose their minds.They really are selfish and entitled because they want to wallow in their self pity and excuses to why they are oppressed and have an excuse not to improve, they feel they should be able to play video games for life for free.. That's where you see they really are not helping themselves.

TRP users show the overlap of these groups because you can see how the ideology is shifting. As TRP sucks in more people from wizarchan, R9k, or broken and upset people from /r/deadbedrooms you seem them wrestle and dilute the ideology, much to the endorsed contributors dismay.

I found it hilarious, they were downvoting founders and endorsed contributors of theredpill to the negatives for implying people should play video games less. Also, the people coming in from bitter marriage problem subs are diluting the sub. It's hilarious and imploding the sub. Everything about them "spining plates" and "world ending feminism" and "divorce rape" would imply that you should never get married if theredpill theory is true (obv its not). The funny thing is, you get the influx of newbies from inappropriate sites hijacking the sub. They came in and downvoted all the veterans to negatives for saying not to get married. It was so glorious. They made posts saying "Marriage is the red pill on hard mode" and started redefining theredpill to suit them. They also start patronising the veterans by saying "Well actually, the first tier of red pill skill is marriage, then spining plates, then beta".

I see the sub imploding when the influx and growth of the sub gets too fast, these people are already diluting and redefining foundations of the ideology to suit them at the dismay of the founders.

We'll see a shift where TRP starts to be changed to value more and more socially maladjusted things, to the point where compulsive video gaming is encouraged and generally anything the newbie feel it should, to the point where the sub just becomes a sub for all these damaged people to cope an reassure themselves without any more facade of "self improvement".

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