Why most people are religious?

I grew up Muslim, but when I was 24/25 I started reading religion neutrally, and found it very stupid. When you read Quran or Bible, first it confuse you with some fantasy/war stories which has nothing to do with real life, then it talks about how to deal with slaves, how many women you can marry, how to divide property, if you reject this book we'll burn you, stuff like this. It discusses what you can and what you can't do without giving any explanation. Why Quran or Bible doesn't talk about science? how earth/sun created, life started, DNA, or a hint for vaccines to human diseases. Instead these books discuss that who you can fuck during war and who you can't?. Its just last couple of centuries that science discovered how this world works, and there is much more which we don't know. There is nothing in these books that a man can't write, no signal or scientific fact that these books are from the creator of the universe. Anyway, I don't want to discuss if religion is right. My question is why not more people (more educated than me) find religion stupid? Why was it so easy for me to spot bullshit? What did I miss? Am I not getting the point?

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