Mourinho before he was sacked : "I need to look some players in the eyes to see if they feel Chelsea the same way I do."

So many players in our team care but are just incompetent but i look at some players who arent even that good but still half ass it (Willian) and it infuriates me. Theres only one player in our team with the talent to get away with being a bit of a passenger and his name is Eden Hazard and literally even he is doing more work than Willian does nowadays. I cant accept players that try their best but are just shit (ivanovic, cahill, azpilicueta etc) thats fine they just need to be sold (and blame for that goes to Conte for picking them/the board) but what infuriates me the most is a small section of players maybe even just 1 because hes in the starting 11 who are consistently strutting about despite being nowhere near talented enough to get away with it. If Willian scored those 2 clear cut chances today yeah maybe i would be less pissed off that he doesnt press at all, that he does fuck all in attack, that he literally jogs around the pitch. It pisses me off and theres only one player (Hazard) with the talent to get away with not being a workhorse. Multiple players are just shit and its the club/Conte's fault for not binning them. i dont think its just because players dont care, we just genuinely have several starters who are shit that have frauded there way into staying at a club of our stature (supposedly a big club but idk compartively anymore) and they are costing us week in week out. The worst part is the Ivanovic and "propa chels" passion lovers want these players. Wait till Hazard goes we will be a mid table team that is how atrocious these cunts are. If we were poor and in the financial situation of a club like Southampton I'd accept it. We have a choice either be ruthless and get rid of ALL the deadwood or we can stop thinking of ourselves as a big club and just hope for europa league qualification each year. If Hazard had any shred of ambition, balls or mentality he wouldve left by now and you'd see how bad we truly are with the shite we're left with. I dont think players dont care, players like Cahill, Ivanovic etc they do care they are just shit and need to be binned - no more chances either they are finished at this club unless we purposefully want to become a mid table club.

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