I know I'm ugly, but I'm looking for advice on how to improve from someone impartial

thank you so much for the long and detailed reply!! :) it's nice to know i can possibly reach a 6 if i work for it, haha. I'm gonna join a gym immediately. yes, i use shampoo but for some reason unless a hairdresser does it it ends up looking like.... that. interesting what you said about a short length cut, I've been thinking the same thing but my family's been discouraging me from getting it cut because they say it would lengthen my face. my hair usually curls at the ends so i think it could look good if i had it a bit below my chin, but above my shoulder. i know you've only seen three photos, but if you have an opinion, d'you think that could work? tbh, I've been using rooibos tea, water, and some organic stuff to clean my face, but it's looked awfully sallow since i went through an awful nocturnal indoor phase a few years back. I'm subbing to skincareaddiction now because i obviously have no idea. anyway, thank you so so so much for the long response. words can't really express how much i appreciate that!!

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