Music while doing math

Listening to music while doing maths at least for me increases my enjoyment and effectiveness in my work, not that I’m saying I always have to listen to music while doing maths, but most of the time that is the case. I listen to pretty much anything that’s relaxing sometimes I listen to music with lyrics but it really depends if it annoys me or not, but more specifically I like to listen to C418, Classical (especially Bach and Tchaikovsky) also I like listening to less famous classical music from movies and less known artists for example: The Pi Song form the movie In Our Prime (great movie btw) and Compositions by Jack Telfer St Claire on YouTube I also find classical christian music to be very soothing. Other music I listen to included non-lyrical electrical guitar songs such as Guthrie Govan, Buckethead, Ywngie Malmsteen etc. I also like listening to certain movie and game soundtracks like The Karate Kid, In Our Prime, A Beautiful Mind, Stand and Deliver, The Theory of Everything, Shadow Fight 2 Music. Furthermore, works by Melodysheep such as Symphony of Science are also very nice to listen to. Also, I like listening to songs with lyrics I like slowed down and reverbed this eliminates the distraction.

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