My (27M) girlfriend (23F) cheated on me a few weeks into our relationship.

This is probably going to be unpopular, but I did a similar thing to my boyfriend when we first started dating.

I was hanging with some friends and my boyfriend was there as well. One of my friends brought up some extreme trauma in my life and accused me of lying about it. No one came to my defense and I completely shut down and left.

I went to the next nearest acceptance, which, unfortunately, was an ex-fwb. We didn’t get anywhere at all because I quickly calmed down and realized I shouldn’t have been there.

The issue was that my memory of that night cuts off at me leaving the hangout. I genuinely can’t remember anything else, but my boyfriend went through my text messages and showed me evidence.

Of course I denied everything, I didn’t remember it. He accused me of lying, but eventually decided to trust that I didn’t remember. We are still together, and doing better than ever.

I would not tell you to leave her immediately. If she hasn’t done anything else, then she’s not a serial cheater. You guys should have more conversations about it and figure out why this happened.

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