My (F26) partner (M28) is being deployed for 6 months and with my mental health I can’t handle it… I want to break it off

The finance parts don’t matter because I’ve already paid for everything for the wedding. This is his “contribution”. I never trapped him, we’ve undergone this situation once a year and I’m used to him leaving for 2weeks, but once it’s over a month it gets hard on me and that’s why I couldn’t handle the 2 months and we were on the verge of ending things at that time.

This is the first time he will be leaving the country, and he’s helping a country in a war. So yes, I’m devastated.

I had our dog before we were in the relationship, and the rest of the animals we got throughout the years (we live on a ranch) and I would keep them if we break up.

How I see breakups is like someone you know dying, so I would rather do it now than his death at a later date that happened tragically.

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