277 words My(38m) ex-fiancé(38F) thinks after we broke up that I didn’t want her. It hurts and I’m hurt but I’m keeping this bottled up for the first time 143 words My (24M) girlfriend's (23F) sister (24F) refuses to talk to her because she is dating me. 134 words Did acid with my (22M) sister (20F) and confessed something really serious, she isn't talking to me now, I think I ruined my life 135 words found out my sister is cheating on her bf - what do i do? 149 words Should I bring up plans about what she’s thinking of doing if she’s pregnant or wait until we know? 138 words I [29 M] was invited to a threesome, and I might have caused a break up. 129 words My boyfriend was a drug addict 146 words Wife's significant weight gain has killed my attraction, and I don't know what to do anymore. 186 words Boyfriend sometimes flashes me his dick and it makes me uncomfortable. When I ask him not to do that he gets upset and I feel bad. 424 words I am going to tell my dad of the affair. 157 words Last update: My gf has gone M.I.A. 130 words Boyfriend(M34) made an ultimatum that I(F31) will not get any sex until I [email protected] 131 words My roommate says the AC gives her “anxiety”. We live in a swamp. How do I get her to leave it on? 293 words What is wrong with me ? 142 words I have become resentful 184 words Should I be upset my wife won't tell me about her past relationships? And dismisses me as digging when I find that what she told about travel adventures happened to be with only guys she knew from the country she's from? 588 words I (22M) told my long distance girlfriend (19F) that I've only had 1 sexual experience and now she feels betrayed, I really want her to stay 164 words My [26M] wife [27F] cheated on me yet I get no sympathy. 188 words My fiancee[25/F] might be planning to cheat on me[27/M] 148 words Me (31 straight male) and Wife (28 pan female) have been discussing opening up our marriage (I know opening relationships are a common post but I've never seen this type of question come up before)