202 words I’m such a hypocrite asshole… 136 words I have been a wreck without closure and it isn't getting better 149 words My GF (20F) broke up with me (19M) for allegedly betraying her trust, and I don't know how to get her back 378 words Do you consider commenting on GoneWildAudio the equivalent of commenting on someone’s nudes? 152 words Girlfriend's mum just called her 'shockingly fat'. How do I best support her remotely? 182 words I can't get over my self-image issues and its hurting my relationship 303 words I tried to break up with her and she said no 148 words My boyfriend (27M) cheated on me (24F). He was using drugs and lied that it was just a kiss. I didn't believe him, and asked him for the truth. He did everything with her. I'm completely devastated. We're living together, we have a dog, I'm a lost soul. Now what? 131 words inadvertently found out my bf is pan 145 words Found out my husband (29M) secretly got a paternity test due to pressure from his family because of our daughter's skin color. 131 words My girlfriend is mad that I helped pick out a friend’s bikini. 121 words M[26] moving on after ended engagement 189 words My (27F) father wants me to meet my half sister (10F) 153 words My partner won’t stop playing video games even though the sounds trigger me 345 words is being told a weird safe word a red flag? 218 words Girlfriend takes ages to get ready. Should we break up? 126 words What to do when partner asks for a mental health break? 152 words Update: Girlfriend (29F) has a best friend (38M) that she bought a magnetic heart bracelet for that separates in two pieces for his birthday. One for her and one for him. At what point is it no longer insecurity from me (35M) and emotionally cheating on her part? 262 words After 5 years of engagement, I (25f) gave my boyfriend (24m) the ring back 334 words I don't understand my girlfriend