155 words How do I avoid making my friends uncomfortable when they ask me about my life? 201 words Guy [30M] I [21F] just started seeing told me I could lose "maybe 5 pounds" 137 words Hi guys I'm a 23 year old queer (24m) black male from Canada. I'm in love with my twin flame in Orange County, we have been fighting all summer. I truly love him and I know that he's the love of my life. Do you think I should send it to him? 134 words I (26M) am crushing hard for a girl I met online (26F) and dont know if shes just playing me or not 182 words My wife attempted suicide last night, how do I show her support? 205 words A few months ago, I learned that my gf said some mean things about me when we met. It's still weighing on me 131 words My husband [M34] gave me [F29] herpes after cheating with a sex worker 125 words Hearing my Ex cry. 138 words I'm [26F] jealous that my boyfriend's [31M] sister [29F] is in town and now he's taking her to do all the things I keep asking to do together and I don't know if I'm being petty or unreasonable 218 words GF wants me to try some rape roleplay. I’m not sure it’s healthy. 164 words My (f 26) husband (m 29) told our son (4) to slap me 443 words My (f 26) husband (m 29) told our son (4) to slap me 170 words Should I be worried about my BF ignoring me during sex? 203 words I (22F) still get uncomfortable when my bf (24M) talks about other women despite dating for almost two years. How do I stop doing this? 118 words Threesome 215 words Update 2: [M26] traveling with a female friend [23F] I'm interested in pt 3: She gone, coach. 133 words Post breakup 169 words Friend's girlfriend told my now ex about how I cheated when we started dating. How should I feel? 172 words I (20F) just found out that my boyfriend (21M) has screenshots of females we are both acquainted with and uses them to, you know... 236 words My partner doesn’t want our dog anymore.