169 words I (M30) gave my wife (F30) a hall pass and now I'm regretting it BIG TIME 154 words My (24M) girlfriend (24F) is too close to one of her male friends 152 words My youngest Daughter (32F) is depressed and feels unsupported, I am doing everything (60F) but nothing is working. HELP 185 words Guy (30M) I (25F) had been casually seeing is upset I didn’t keep in touch while on vacay - should I bother reaching out 192 words I'm 31M who got into my first relationship when I was 21 with my partner who was 25F at the time and moved in with. Noe I'm having confused feelings of not having developed experiences of being with other girls and feel like I rushed things 174 words GF (27F) Plays Volleyball 3 times a week with her Ex and it bothers me (31M) 163 words M36 needs advice on wife F32 after work outings with coworkers 138 words Should I (30M) tell my girlfriend (20F) it was me who got her sister (19F) pregnant? 500 words Did I mess up? Am I wrong for feeling the way I do about this situation? Me (30 M) her (30 F) long distance “situationship”. 139 words My (23f) fiancé (30m) said another girls name in his sleep last night, how do I handle this? 139 words Retroactive jealousy: how do I (M30) get over her (F30) promiscuous past? 162 words My (F26) partner (M28) is being deployed for 6 months and with my mental health I can’t handle it… I want to break it off 187 words I (42f) am white and my boyfriend (49m) is Mexican and it seems to cause a strange reaction with some people that I don't understand 313 words My(19M) Significant other(19F) admitted she's keeping a guy around in case I leave her. Is it cheating? 199 words My boyfriend (23m) whipped headphones off my head and got in my face. (22f) 289 words Lost attraction for my (20F) boyfriend (21M) of 2 years? 159 words Some advice for a (M25) who is forming a relationship with a (F32) 160 words 1 (19F) can’t orgasm during sex despite me and my boyfriend (20M) having tried everything 174 words I[M20] like a girl[f20] but don't know how to tell her.. or approach her.. cuz 143 words I (M 32) got into an argument with my wife (F29) not sure what do.