224 words I'm the sole employee of a business and my boss announced huge changes I disagree with 127 words I (23F) am falling for a homeless man (26M) and I don’t know what to do about it 180 words If rape and harassment is as common as many females claim it is, then why do they wear things like tights, shorts, skirts, crop tops, bathing suits etc? 762 words Someone Sent Me a Video of My Ex and Now She's Missing 167 words My sister is pregnant, I feel bad about it and I cannot tell anyone 155 words (21F) My boyfriend (25M) doesn’t know that he’s triggering my eating disorder 179 words I’ve [30m] followed all conventional advice, yet I still can’t get a girlfriend 168 words How can I stop being jealous of my boyfriend's female friends? 179 words My [40f] mother [75F] has become openly and unapologetically anti-immigrant and racist. I’m her non-white immigrant daughter adopted as a baby. How do I continue to have a relationship with her? 189 words I’ve [30m] followed all conventional advice, yet I still can’t get a girlfriend 147 words Update: my [33m] wife [25f] constantly makes a conscious effort to humiliate me during my lessons over Zoom 134 words My (38m) wife's (32F)'s hypochondria and paranoia are killing me 224 words Bestfriend passed away, gf blocked him the night before 147 words My (28F) cousin (32F) wants me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to my ex-fiancé (36M) and my family are pressuring me to accept. 153 words UPDATE: My [26m] girlfriend [24f] has opened up to me extensively about the abuse she suffered. Her stories are starting to contradict each other and I'm starting to suspect something 268 words UPDATE: My [29f] boyfriend [25m] admitted that he forced himself on a woman several years ago. 488 words I just found out the only reason I was born was because my dad raped my mom in high school and my grandparents forced them to marry when they found out my mom was pregnant. 150 words My SO(22F) has been acting differently and playing hard to get ever since she started reading a book about seduction(originally for men) and she is using it against me.(23M) 199 words UPDATE: Would I (38f) be an idiot if I got back together with my ex husband (37m) who cheated on me 10 years ago? 166 words My (25f) friend (32m) sees his video game family as real people and I'm starting to get worried