322 words I feel so alone. 164 words Am I (21M) or my date (20F) being the unreasonable one here? 163 words Agreed to hang out with a guy today, is it ok for me to meet up and be like "yo this is a friendly hangout right?" to set boundaries? 347 words I (31f) no longer find my (34m) husband physically attractive 174 words My SO (26M) of 7 years and I (25F) tested positive for chlamydia. He's the only person I've been with sexually and I believe he hasn't cheated on me. Am I being naive? 142 words I am weirdly shy around my bf 181 words Should I (24F) tell my long-distance friend (29M) I have feelings for him? 256 words I [17/M] glanced over my shoulder at my girlfriend [17/F] going though all her messages, and I saw hearts and "I love you" to her best guy friend. 435 words My girlfriend of 3.5 years kisses ex at sisters wedding right before I’m about to propose 140 words Am I 25F over reacting to being hung up on? 175 words please offer advice. Here is an exhausting relationship for you. I need to get things off of my chest, so here goes. 162 words My husband came out as trans and nearly a year later our relationship is suffering, she says it is all my fault. 162 words 23M and 21f, she wants to break up and have space and try again later. I dont want to throw are 4 year relationship away but dont know how to fix it. 148 words If I [25F] knowingly had an affair with him [28M] is it a good idea to tell his gf that he cheated on her? 130 words I cheated and lost my soulmate’s trust; how can I live with the shame? 235 words I [32/M] accused my GF [30/F] of being unfaithful, was I out of line? 137 words My girlfriend won’t get on birth control 190 words I (22 F) got left at the alter a week ago yesterday. Now my ex fiance (26 M) wants to to apologize in person. 379 words Asked spouse to say one nice thing about me, reply was less than ideal. 231 words Almost no one came to my bf's birthday party. Is there anything I can do to make him feel better?